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Endodontic Services – Worcester, MA

Reliable Tooth-Saving Treatments

Our Worcester Endodontics specialists pride themselves in being able to utilize a wide variety of treatments to stop dental pain and save infected teeth, while also making sure that patients feel comfortable and secure. No matter what kind of endodontic service you require, you’ll have board-certified experts with years of experience and the latest technology to see you through safely to the end of the procedure. Call us today to set up a consultation to explore available endodontic services in Worcester, MA.

Man looking at smile in mirror after endodontic services

Endodontic Surgery

Endodontist performing endodontic surgery

Certain complications, such as cracked tooth roots and persistent cysts, often make it so that regular root canal therapy isn’t enough to save a tooth. Instead, endodontic surgery needs to be performed. Thanks to our advanced technology, the procedure will be conducted as quickly as possible with a minimal amount of discomfort. There are a variety of surgical procedures that we may recommend, and we’ll make sure you completely understand them before we move forward.

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Endodontic Retreatment 

Man looking at smile after endodontic retreatment

Sometimes teeth can become infected again, even after root canal therapy. When that happens, endodontic retreatment is required. This involves removing the filling that was placed in the tooth after the previous treatment before closely examining the tooth itself. We’ll take note of signs of new infection, and we’ll check for root canals that might have been overlooked the first time. Our goal is to make sure that the tooth is cleaned as thoroughly as possible so that it can stay safe in the mouth for years.

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Root Canal Therapy

Woman sharing healthy smile after root canal therapy

Rest assured that the treatment is nowhere near as painful as its reputation suggests, especially when it’s performed by one of our skilled, knowledgeable endodontic specialists. If anything, the nonsurgical removal of infected dental pulp will stop the pain you’re currently suffering from. Afterwards, we will clean the inside of the tooth thoroughly to ensure that no part of the infection remains.

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Endodontics for Children 

Young girl smiling after endodontics for children

Saving teeth is especially important for younger patients whose mouths are still developing. Has your child been suffering from unexplained dental pain, or have they recently suffered from damaged or injured teeth? They may need endodontic care in the near future so that they don’t end up suffering from tooth loss at an early age. Our gentle team will be right by their side to soothe their worries and make sure they stay comfortable from start to finish.

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Traumatic Dental Injuries

Car accident that caused traumatic dental injuries

While many dental injuries are relatively minor, others are severe enough to put the entire tooth at risk. If the damage is enough to expose the underlying pulp, then you’ll likely need the help of an endodontic specialist. In addition to removing any infected tissue, we can also provide crowns to restore the function of damaged teeth. We can also treat root fractures by placing a splint to stabilize the tooth. Call us immediately in the event of a dental emergency.

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Gentle Wave endodontic treatment system

Providing the best endodontic care means putting the latest technology to good use. GentleWave® has transformed the way we perform root canal therapy. Now instead of cleaning the inside of the tooth with a series of files, we can loosen and remove infected pulp and decay with a combination of sound waves and fluids. Not only does this procedure help remove debris that traditional root canal therapy wouldn’t be able to reach, but it also makes for a much more comfortable experience.

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Sedation Dentistry

Woman replacing during sedation dentistry visit

It is only natural to be nervous before a complex endodontic treatment, but thanks to sedation dentistry, we can make those fears go away. Our sedation options can put you in such a relaxed state that by the time the treatment is over, you may not remember anything about the actual procedure. Our endodontic office offers both mild sedation and IV sedation, depending on your personal anxiety levels and the nature of the procedure at hand.

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a patient holding their mouth in pain

An apicoectomy is considered a minor dental procedure, and it’s often performed on both adults and children in order to save a compromised tooth. It’s generally recommended when there are still signs of inflammation or infection around the roots of a tooth that’s undergone root canal therapy. It involves removing the problematic tissue along with the end of the tooth root, before a small filling is used to seal the end of the root canal.

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