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Endodontic Retreatment

Worcester Endodontics Performs Endodontic Retreatment

With the appropriate care, teeth which have had endodontic treatment, including root canal therapy, will last as long as other natural teeth. However, a tooth that has received treatment may fail to heal or the pain may continue to exist. Sometimes, this discomfort may occur months or years after treatment. If so, endodontic retreatment may be needed.

Our skilled Worcester, MA team provides endodontic retreatment to patients in need. If you believe you qualify for endodontic retreatment, speak with your dentist or feel free to contact Worcester Endodontics directly. We’re dedicated to your smile.

Improper healing of a treated tooth may be caused by:

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Regardless of the cause, our skilled team of endodontists will work diligently during your endodontic retreatment to correct the problem. Some teeth may be more susceptible to contamination, and our Worcester team can help identify problematic factors if necessary.

In some cases, new problems can influence a tooth that was successfully treated, such as:

tooth infection

Once endodontic retreatment has been selected as a solution to your problem, the doctor will reopen your tooth to gain access to the root canal filling material. This material will be removed to enable access to the root canal. We will clean the canals and carefully examine the inside of the problematic tooth during your endodontic retreatment at our Worcester, MA office. Once cleaned, the doctor will fill and seal the canals and place a temporary filling in the tooth.

After therapy at our Worcester, MA practice, you will need to return to your dentist as soon as possible in order to have a new crown or restoration placed on the tooth to restore full functionality. Once the area is capped by a preferred restorative dentistry method, your endodontic retreatment is complete.

Contact Worcester Endodontics today to schedule an endodontic retreatment consultation. Dr. Karyn Stern, Dr. Ali Sarraf, Dr. Guzek and Dr. Shnaydman perform this service for patients in and around the Worcester, MA area, including those from Auburn, Millbury, Marlborough, Shrewsbury, and nearby Massachusetts towns. If this endodontic retreatment appointment will be your first at Worcester Endodontics, please take a moment to review our patient information prior to your visit. If you are a dentist interested in learning more about our practice, feel free to browse our website and call us. Our team looks forward to speaking with you.

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