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Endodontics for Children– Worcester, MA

Saving Baby Teeth to Protect Growing Smiles

Even baby teeth can become infected. You might think you can simply have them removed to solve the problem, but in fact removing baby teeth too early could affect the way the permanent teeth erupt and lead to a crooked smile and painful bite issues. The better option is to call Worcester Endodontics. If we find signs of an infection in baby teeth, we can remove it before severe damage is done to your little one’s smile with endodontics for children in Worcester, MA.

Preteen smiling after receiving endodontics for children

Why Choose Worcester Endodontics for Endodontics for Children?


Young girl in need of pulpotomy holding cheek

Sometimes the decay or trauma of the pulp has not spread very far and is still limited to the crown of the tooth. In these cases, a pulpotomy can be performed to protect the tooth. Only the infected part of the pulp in the crown is taken out; the portion living in the roots of the tooth are left intact so it can continue providing nourishment. Any empty space will still be filled with dental cement, however.


Young child smiling at endodontist after pulpectomy

Once the infection has reached the root of the tooth, the entire pulp is compromised. It will need to be removed completely for the sake of your child’s health. The tooth itself will be numbed for the procedure, ensuring that your little one won’t experience any pain during the treatment. The inside of the tooth will be cleaned and disinfected before we fill it with biocompatible dental cement and place a crown for its protection.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns made from different materials

After any kind of endodontic treatment, the tooth will most likely be in a weakened state. Giving your child a dental crown will allow them to continue using the treated tooth to chew all of their favorite foods without having to worry about damaging them further. Stainless steel crowns are the restoration of choice for baby teeth due to the level of strength and protection that they offer. We’ll take the time to give you and your little ones some tips for taking care of the crown after its placement.

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