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Worcester Endodontics Provides a Variety of Services for Your Smile

Facing involved dental work can be a bit overwhelming, and the team at Worcester Endodontics understands completely. No matter which of our services that you’re here for, whether it’s root canal therapy, to repair cracked teeth, or for dental implant placement, we will prioritize your best interests. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for any of our services.

Services at Worcester Endodontics

For patients who have a tooth infection, root canal therapy is usually the best way we can prevent you from needing an extraction. When the inner layers of the tooth, called the pulp, are compromised by germs that normally exist peacefully inside the mouth, these bacteria will quickly begin working to deteriorate the tooth. Root canal services performed at Worcester Endodontics can stop the need for more extensive action. Learn more about root canals by clicking here, or when you call to schedule your appointment at Worcester Endodontics.

Dr. Stern, Dr. Sarraf, Dr. Guzek and Dr. Shnaydman perform endodontic retreatment services for patients whose initial endodontic treatment was unsuccessful. We can use endodontic retreatment regardless of who performed the initial root canal, and the team at Worcester Endodontics can help educate patients on proper care for their crown or other dental work.

Apicoectomy, also called a root-end resection, is one of our necessary services to eliminate bacteria that are causing pain deep within the tooth roots. The Worcester Endodontics doctors perform this surgery to prevent these infections from spreading directly to the jaw bone, and to alleviate the pain of those in our care.

Every smile is unique, as is each case involving cracked teeth or a traumatic injury. Because there are many different types of cracks and injuries, you’ll need to contact Worcester Endodontics to learn which of our services is right for you. The compassionate Worcester, MA team is prepared to help you revitalize your bite.

We place dental implants to replace a missing tooth permanently for patients who have adequate bone structure and gum tissue. The Worcester Endodontics office enables us to place an implant directly, thanks to our advanced sterilization techniques, state-of-the-art technology, and professional team of specialists. When this service is completed, patients are able to return to their referring dentist for a crown or other prosthetic. Speak with us today to learn more, or take a look at the abundance of information on our dental implant page.

Call us today to schedule an appointment with Worcester Endodontics. Dr. Stern, Dr. Sarraf, Dr. Guzek, and Dr. Shnaydman see patients referred to us from all over Massachusetts, including from Worcester, Shrewsbury, Auburn, Millbury, Marlborough, and the surrounding towns. Please take a moment to review our patient information prior to your appointment time so we can meet your needs as effectively as we can.

If you are a referring doctor who is interested in learning more about our practice, we encourage you to explore our website or contact our office.

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